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Upgrade to an energy efficient hot water system for FREE through the Victorian Government’s Energy Upgrades program. (VEU)

Save up to 70% on your power bills

How & Why?

Since 2009 the Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) program has provided incentives to more than 1 .8 million households

► Thousands of  Bendigo & Victorian families are already saving hundreds on each bill with a new hot water system. Don’t miss out!

► If you have an electric hot water system installed outside, then you are eligible. It’s that simple

► You too can benefit from this Victorian Government incentive and upgrade to an approved energy efficient system with 80% lower running costs

► The hot water systems come in a range of sizes for all families, are engineered for Australian conditions and installed

Frequently Asked Questions

This sounds too good to be true, what's the catch?

There’s no catch! Government rebates are provided when inefficient, power hungry appliances are replaced with approved, energy efficient alternatives. These upgrades use much less power to deliver the same levels of hot water (no cold showers!!) and are great for the environment relieving pressure from the electricity grid.

Is it free for everyone? What do I need to do be eligible?

For all standard installations where the electric hot water system is installed outside and your switchboard doesn’t require an upgrade (to add a circuit breaker) – there is absolutely no cost involved. For complex installations where the system may need to be relocated (from inside the house or in the roof cavity) there may be costs associated, however these are always established prior to installation so you will have no surprises. Our friendly team are more than happy to discuss your particular situation

Who installs the new systems?

The system is installed by a licensed electrician and plumber, you are provided with certificates of compliance and safety and all the rebate paperwork is taken care of.

What are the benefits of heat pump hot water systems?

“A heat-pump water heater uses much less electricity than an electric storage water heater. This is because it only requires electricity to drive the compressor and the fan, instead of using electricity to heat the water directly, with an electric element.”


The system uses renewable energy to generate hot water without the need for a solar panel, and produces hot water with 80% greater efficiency. The systems work day and night, rain, hail or sunshine!